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Mosquito Misting Systems Installation Cost

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Mosquito Misting Systems Installation Cost

Great question. The “price” of the system depends entirely on the size of the area to be protected. This is the initial investment to have the system installed. The “cost” of the system is the long term expense of operating the system. We explain both of these elements during each personal design consultation. More on this website @

What is the price range?

(Since it’s difficult to tell me how much it will cost.) Prices range from $1,750 to $10,000 or more (for our largest installations).

Are the chemicals harmful to children and pets?

Not if used in accordance with EPA guidelines and labeling instructions. Our design consultant will fully present the chemical choices and their properties to you.

How effective is your mosquito misting system in controlling my mosquito problem?

It is the most effective product on the market today. That’s why we can offer a 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

Why do some companies require a long-term contract?

Because they want to lock in your business, regardless of the quality of their service or the effectiveness of their system, we do not believe in having our customers “locked in” by a signed contract; we believe that we must earn your continued business year in and year out.

Who Manufactures your Systems?

All our systems are custom-made here in the United States.

Do you repair and maintain other systems?

Absolutely! Our complete repair facility stays busy repairing and upgrading other company’s systems. We also continue to take over the maintenance and service of other systems that have fallen into disuse or have been abandoned by the installer.

What kind of facilities benefit from using a Mosquito Control system?

Backyard pools and patios, farms, and ranches, veterinary clinics, zoos and commercial trash areas all use and enjoy systems. Controlling flies, mosquitoes, gnats, roaches, etc., creates a healthier environment for you and your cherished family.

What size system will I need for my application?

Mosquito Control offers several different system sizes. An average home will require 35-40 nozzles to provide adequate coverage. Our smallest system is the most popular and will handle up to 55 nozzles. This allows room for additional nozzles on the average spray system if future expansion is required. Larger systems may be utilized where needed.

How many spray nozzles will I need for my home or facility?

We normally suggest one misting nozzle approximately every 10-12 feet along the back and front eaves of your home and along fences plus a few for the flower beds and other special areas. Each nozzle will control approximately 1,000 to 1,500 cu. ft. of airspace, depending on the air currents of your location.

What is Mosquito Control’s system warranty?

We offer a lifetime parts and labor warranty on its systems for full-service customers. (Warranty requires you only to use solutions sold through us). We are a leading installer of whole-property mosquito control systems and solutions. We can provide an exclusive “manufacturer direct” service and warranty of your installation.

What insecticides/repellents are used and what is it made from?

We carry and sell the complete line-up of Permethrin, Pyrethrum, and green alternatives, from our registered product HYPER 13™ to our all-natural repellent.

Permethrin is a synthetic chemical similar to the natural insecticide pyrethrum which comes from the chrysanthemum plant, but it remains effective for longer periods of time. Pyrethrum is derived from the chrysanthemum plant and has been used in many forms for effective, low-toxicity insect control for many years.

Our repellent is made from all-natural, non-toxic ingredients. It contains no alcohol, is non-flammable and will not stain or damage furniture or plastic products.

How long will my Chemical last before I need a refill?

Our finely machined spray nozzles each emit approximately 1.1 ounce per minute at 160 p.s.i.. The average customer sprays about thrice daily for 30 seconds each (i.e. 90 seconds per day) with a 40 nozzles system. This equates to a usage of about one chemical fill (one 55-gallon reservoir) every three months. Refill frequency will vary with each installation depending on the number of nozzles and spraying periods per day.

What kind of maintenance does the Mosquito Control system require?

The systems require very limited maintenance. In areas of the country that experience hard freezing conditions, we recommend you winterize your system. This simple procedure should take less than 15 minutes once a year. Call for details.


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Pest Control Exterminators A Step Back In History

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Pest Control Exterminators

Compound pesticides date back 4,500 years when the Sumerians used sulfur compounds as insecticides. The Rig Veda, an ancient Indian sacred collection of Vedic Sanskrit, which is on the order of 4,000 years old, mentions the utilization of vicious plants designed for insect control. It was merely with the industrialization and mechanization of gardening during the 18th and 19th century, and the introduction of the insecticides like pyre-thrum and derris to facilitate compound pest control became known. During the 20th century, the discovery of several insecticides, like DDT, and herbicides, boosted this development. Compound pest control is still the predominant type of pest control today. However, its long-term effects led to a renewed health concern as traditional and biological pest control advanced towards the top of the 20th century. Our Pest Control company is dedicated to giving homeowners the knowledge to control any pest problems effectively.

Many pests develop into difficulty since the health of humans is of such great concern. By modifying these pesticides and changing sanitation methods, we can often substantially reduce the ill health risks to humans. In the United States, raccoons cause a nuisance by tearing into the trash while searching for food. Many homeowners introduced bins with locking lids, which deterred the raccoons from visiting. Many fly species will accumulate wherever there are open garbage containers, especially wherever food or otherwise food rubbish is exposed.
Similarly, mice and rats are pests attracted to the same types of open rubbish. People would often feed the pests unknowingly. This develops into a dependent behavior on this food source and a dependency relationship with humans.

Pests evolve and grow resistant to biological and compound chemicals. An increasing objective is to find some other form of pest control otherwise. If the target population is completely exterminated or otherwise is rendered incapable of reproduction, the surviving populations attain a tolerance to whatever pressures are brought to bear, this results in an evolutionary arms battle between humans and pets of all types.

Biological pest control is controlling pests through controlling and managing natural predators, plants, and materials. Mosquitoes are often controlled by putting Bacillus Thuringiensis Israelis, a bacterium that infects and kills larvae, in their water sources. The handling is safe for humans and with minimal cost on the lasting ecology and is safe for humans to drink as well as other animals. The sense of biological pest control, otherwise known as natural pest control, is to eliminate all pests with minimum destruction to the delicate ecological balance of the atmosphere and earth. Our Pest Control company is dedicated to protecting the environment while serving the community by encouraging the use of natural pest control. Eliminating breeding areas and food sources for pests will eliminate the particular pests altogether. Proper rubbish management and still septic water drainage eliminate the breeding ground of many pests.

Garbage provides food and shelter for many useless organisms, as well as an area that mosquitoes can use as a breeding ground. Communities that obtain proper garbage collection and disposal have far fewer difficulties with rats, cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies, and other pests than communities that don’t.

Open-air sewers are ample breeding grounds for various pests. By building and maintaining proper sewers, this difficulty is eliminated.

Poisoned attraction is a usual method designed for calculating rat populations, however, it is not so attractive when there are other food sources around, such as garbage. Poisoned meats have been used for centuries designed to assassinate wolves, birds, deer, rats, and other pests seen as threatening to crops, humans, and other domestic animals. Our Pest Control company is dedicated to helping the community practice safe and effective pest extermination and elimination by natural means that pose the least harm to humans, domestic animals, and the environment.

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Pest Control Tips : Ridding Your Home of Pests

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Ridding Your Home of Pests

It is likely you think that dealing with unwanted pests in your home should be left for the exterminators. However, there are some things you can do to get rid of unwanted pests without the need for a professional exterminator. Read on to find excellent advice.

Hairspray is great for getting rid of bees and wasps. The hairspray is actually a dual danger, mainly because it kills the insects and repels other insects with its fragrance.pest control san antonio

Prior to purchasing a home, make sure you have it expertly inspected for unwanted pests. Some signs of invasion can easily be recognized, but there are several pest infestations that aren’t readily detectable.

Consider using a border spray outside your home to help keep bugs at bay. Put it onto the porches, foundation, and all-around windows and doors. When you see cracks that could let pests into your house, spray them as well! Use caulk or any other filler to seal off the cracks and crevices.

To determine if you have termites, make use of a qualified dog. A human will only be capable of giving a partial analysis of your residence. Trained dogs can actually check out your entire property. They sniff for the methane gas that results from termites’ hardwood-consuming process.

Your plumbing should be free of leaks. Pests enjoy getting to all those water places. Drips might be sensed from a fairly long way away. Prevent this from attracting pests. Do some work to protect against being forced to tolerate rats or pests inside of your residence.

If your home has any holes, then you definitely should ensure that you close them. Pesky insects, and also small rats, make use of these holes to get into your home, regardless of how tiny the holes are. By completely closing them, you eliminate a path into your home.

When you have an issue with mice, use mint to deal with the issue. Just grow mint all around the foundation of your house. This will make the rodents find another residence that has fewer deterrents. If rodents are a problem, you may want to place mint leaves in the places that happen to be affected. This may clear away the mice if you are using fresh leaves.

Attempt to keep mosquitoes from getting into your living area. You should get rid of any stagnant water. It is the chosen breeding ground for mosquitoes. This can go a long way towards freeing your property of mosquitoes.

If you’re storing a camper or travel trailer during the winter season, mice can find their way in occasionally. Numerous natural treatments are able to keep them away from the camper. You can find nicely aromatic sachets that you will enjoy, but mice will detest them.san antonio pest control

Make sure that you do not integrate rat poison into your pest control program if you have a dog or cat. Should your animal attract a rodent that’s sick or play with one that’s dead, it is possible for your pet to ingest the poison. For those who have little ones, it is highly discouraged to make use of poisons at home. Mouse poison looks like sweets, so stay away from it if you have children in your home.

Using this information, you can choose whether or not to deal with pest control on your own. With our suggestions, you should have no trouble dealing with the issue. After you are rid of them, you will be delighted.

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